Bermuda’s Sports Medicine Centre of Excellence

Since CSOM opened its doors in 2016, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field of non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal ailments and sport and exercise-related injuries.

Dr Annabel Carter’s longstanding reputation in the community for providing compassionate and competent care, teamed with the wealth of experience and knowledge of her colleague, Dr Chris Tomlinson, ensures patients receive the best in cutting-edge and evidence-based musculoskeletal treatments.

In addition, the CSOM team of Raina Steer-Pitcher, Michelle Monk, Ciara Flanagan, Jill Brydon and Lucy Baker (Physiotherapists), and Bakari Simons (Osteopath) provide their own exceptional quality of care, delivering the best in personalized and effective therapy to our clients. CSOM’s services have recently expanded to include Pilates and Fascial Stretch Therapy, these were made possible by the addition of M’Lynn Ganey (Pilates instructor and FST practitioner) to our team.

CSOM is further evolving with the focus on wellness and exercise prescription and is long established in the field of women’s physical health and support, including pre- and post-partum. CSOM physicians are also the leading local practitioners in the field of Orthobiologics and Regenerative Medicine, treatments that utilize the body’s own ability to repair and heal. Nurse Eve (Eve Kempe RN) assists in the latter procedures as well as introducing aesthetic treatments that build on CSOM’s Platelet Rich Plasma therapy expertise.

Our team is passionate about their craft and improving your health, fitness and physical well-being as well as hastening recovery from injury. They believe in taking the time necessary to both listen to and examine their patients, to more accurately diagnose their problems in order to institute an effective treatment plan, and to aid in preventing recurrence and further injury.

Regardless of age, physical or athletic ability we are here for you if you’re injured or in pain, whether you be an athlete, pregnant or post-partum or simply someone looking to achieve a day not held back by pain.