Mr. Bakari Simons M.Ost, RO


Bakari graduated from the University College of Osteopathy, formally the British School of Osteopathy which is the largest and oldest Osteopathic educational institution in the UK.

His foundation in Sport and Exercise Science coupled with his Masters in Osteopathy has given him an in-depth awareness and understanding of human anatomy and physiology, in addition to providing a hands-on skill set that allows him to assess, treat and manage a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

As a former international athlete Bakari not only understands how to treat the musculoskeletal system but also has a deep appreciation for the language of the sports, the respective techniques, and the associated movement patterns. His experience coupled with his understanding allows him to create bespoke patient-centered treatment plans that are effective in the treatment and management of sport related injuries.

As a primary contact healthcare practitioner his goal is to aid individuals by transforming the biomechanics and bioenergetic functions of the human body, to support musculoskeletal health and resilience against common illness. To optimize human function, he seeks to explore influential factors such as stress threshold, food and nutrition, human movement, and recovery. 

In his spare time Bakari enjoys tennis, ocean swimming, and functional weight training. On his days off you can find him deep sea fishing for Wahoo, Tuna and Mahi-mahi.