PPRP is a remarkable Regenerative Medicine Treatment (RMT). Platelets in our blood contain many natural growth factors and healing proteins, and are involved directly in early healing and repair processes in any injury.

What to expect:

You will have two appointments, the first takes only about ten minutes as the nurse draws a small amount (60mls) of blood and then approximately an hour later you will see the physician for the injection. You can leave the office in between the two appointments.

Following the nurse appointment the blood is centrifuged and specially processed to both extract and concentrate the platelets. During the physician appointment the PRP is then injected directly into an arthritic joint or damaged area, along with some local anaesthetic. The latter appointment takes about half an hour.


Repeat treatments depend on the type of injury or problem; for example in most knee arthritis a course of 3 PRP treatments is the norm, about a month apart. 

CSOM has been utilizing PRP since July 2017 with great success, and because it utilizes your own blood it is a very safe procedure. Conditions that may be treated include: Joint pain and arthritis, rotator cuff damage, tennis and golfer’s elbow, Achilles tendon problems, plantar fasciitis, back and neck pain and most sprains and strains.

Every patient is different, and each individual needs to be carefully assessed for suitability for any of the RMT.

At this time PRP is not covered by local insurers.

(See also HA Injections)